The original balm Cleanser featuring the signature EVE LOM botanical oil blend


  • 5 benefits in one product:

    1. Removes all traces of makeup (including waterproof)

    2. Cleanses

    3. Exfoliates with the use of Muslin Cloth

    4. Tones

    5. Hydrates for up to 12 hours after use

  • Results: radiant, glowing skin with a softening effect (based on user trial results)


  • EGYPTIAN CHAMOMILE – Known to soften & soothe the skin
  • EUCALYPTUS OIL – Known to decongest & keep skin radiant
  • CLOVE OIL – Known to clarify the skin
  • HOPS OIL – Known to tone the skin
  • COCOA SEED BUTTER – Known to soften & soothe skin

 HOW TO USE - Watch Now

  1. Place a small amount of the Cleanser onto dry fingertips. Gently massage onto dry face and neck.

  2. Work in small circular motions from the center of the face focusing on the eyelids outward toward the edges of the face and down into the neck.

  3. Immerse Muslin Cloth in hot water and squeeze off the excess.

  4. Hold over the face and neck for a few seconds, deeply inhaling the aromas of the botanical oils.

  5. Use the warm cloth to massage and gently exfoliate the skin.

  6. Rinse Muslin Cloth* in cool water and press gently into the skin to close the pores.

*We recommend cleaning the Cloth at 104°F every 2-3 cleanses & replacing every 6–8 weeks for optimal results.


  • Use to remove waterproof and long-wear make-up. Scoop out a bit of cleanser and combine with a small amount of table sugar to create a lip scrub.

  • Apply to lips and gently massage for a few seconds before rinsing clean.


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